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Frozen Apple Logo

Fix Your iPhone Frozen At The Apple Logo.

We fix all iPhone models that are stuck on the Apple Logo screen.

Visit one of our location to bring your phone back to life.

Whether it is a dead battery, lack of credit and MB data or the frozen apple logo, we all get a mini heart attack when we cannot use our phone. IPhone users seem to get this mini heart attack more often than other phone users. When updating, restoring or jail breaking the phone it is most likely to get the frozen apple logo as it is booting and the user of the phone cannot use the phone at all.At this state there Is little difference between your phone and a toy. You can’t call, you can’t text, you can’t even take a picture. In essence if thieves came by your house and you phone is on this mode you can’t even call 911.

Iphone Stuck At Frozen Apple Logo

This problem is caused by a failed update or that the iPhone needs an update or that the jailbreak plugging or apps installed do not work well with the current versions. So what do you do when the phone you are using is frozen and you have calls to make? How do you fix this problem?I will give you two method to fix you problem



1. Fixing The Frozen Apple Logo Using iTunes

a. Take your phone when it is at the frozen apple logo and connect it to a computer using a USB cable.

b. The next step is to put the phone on DFU mode. DFU means device firmware update and is concerned with the upgrading of you device. It happens where the boot loader is mounted and iPhone get ready to upgrade its firmware.

– Switch off your phone by holding the power button.

– Press the power button and the home key for ten seconds

– After 10 seconds release the power button but continue holding the home button for 15 seconds.

– Though the screen remains black, the phone is in DFU mode.

– ITunes will tell you that it has detected a device in DFU mode when you connect the phone iTunes.

c. After this you just have to restore the iPhone.

This is the easiest way but on the down side, it deletes all the data in your phone and returns it as it was when you bought it. If you have not backed up your data or you can’t seem to nail this method you can use our number two option.

If your phone does not go to the home screen afte this, try going to the DFU mode without connecting the phone to a computer. This method should take you to the home screen. You will probably try several times before it works and keep the timing in mind.

2. Using a software

Tools like TinyUmbrella help to fix the recovery mode problem.

a. Download and open the TinyUmbrella fix recovery software and connect your IPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

b. If you are using mac right click on the fix recovery tool and open it via terminal. If you are using windows all you have to do is open the file.

c. This will help you fix your iPhone issues.

This software works by helping your phone stop looping at the recovery mode. It has helped many phones get off the frozen apple logo.

Most of the times the problem can be fixed without any issues so contact us now to get your frozen iPhone back to life.