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iPhone Battery Replacement

Going by what Apple says, the iPhone battery is designed such that it can retain at least 80% full capacity after 500 charge cycles. This then means that after a couple of years your battery won’t be able to retain charge for long. If you get to the point that your battery cannot last a day even with ordinary use, then it is probably time to replace it. Although batteries naturally wear off with time, some user habits facilitate premature battery drain. Such habits include inconsistent charging, leaving applications running in the background while not in use, using the phone while it charges and many more.

Iphone Battery Replacement Oakville


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If you still covered under AppleCare you may have to visit Apple service providers for an iPhone battery replacement. You will be given the battery at no charge and also have it installed for free. Users with expired warranties are forced to purchase the batteries. Genuine Apple batteries are easily available on platforms like eBay and will normally cost you around £ 12. You however need to be cautious so as not to be duped into buying counterfeit batteries. Every iPhone model uses a specific type of Apple battery and therefore, you have to get the right battery for it to work. The number for each model is as follows;

  • iPhone 4: 616-0520 or 616-0513
  • iPhone 4S: 616-0580
  • iPhone 5: 616-0613
  • iPhone 5C: 616-0667
  • iPhone 5S: 616-0728

Once you have the new battery the next step is to usually open the phone and retrieve the bad battery before you can put in a new one. The iPhone design makes it a little challenging to penetrate to the battery slot and it may take some minutes to have it open. Getting it open and replacing the battery yourself is possible but you’d rather use the service of a professional. The process involves loosening some screws which if not done right could damage your phone. Seeking iPhone battery replacement services from a qualified IPhone technician is much more recommended. This is because the technicians are familiarized with the Apple brand and they also have the know-how to properly open the phone, install the battery and then bring the phone back together again.

Poor installation may cause your phone still not to work even after replacement. You may experience problems with charging or the phone may even refuse to start as the new battery is not well fixed. Such inconveniences can be avoided by working with skilled technicians that have all the necessary tools to handle the replacement process smoothly and effectively. Since you do not want to suffer further damage or even break your phone, desist from trying to force open the phone by yourself. The service of an expert comes at a price but it at least guarantees that your iPhone is handled safely. Users that are not covered by AppleCare can still seek replacement services from Apple at a small fee.

To conclude, iPhone is a strong brand and with proper maintenance and care it can serve you for a really long time without any major issues. Again, with proper use, your battery’s lifespan can be greatly extended.