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Iphone Head Phone Jack No Sound

Is Your iPhone Headphone Jack Not Working?

The iPhone is one of the most popular devices on the market today. Sported by nearly everyone from the tech obsessed fans of Apple to the rural soccer mom, the iPhone has earned a reputation as an item that you can’t live without. But now you’re iPhone is starting to have technical issues, and you’re not sure what to do. The first topic that will be covered is one of the most common problems that iPhone users have reported, which is experiencing a difficulty in getting their iPhone’s headphone jack to function properly. Thankfully, you have several options in services that will cater directly to your needs.

Iphone Headphone Jack No Sound Problem


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The first step to take when fixing your iPhone jack is a quick check for the most common issue that can prevent your headphone jack from registering. It’s incredibly possible that you’re iPhone headphone jack is filled with dirt or lint that it picked up while roaming around your pocket. To check if this is the case, simply grab a cotton swab and gently push it into the headphone jack. If you find any dirt or grime repeat this process until nothing is sticking to the swab. Next, grab a can of compressed air place the nozzle in the jack. Blowing compressed air into this space will quickly shoot out any remnants of material that your cotton swab was unable to remove. If you don’t have a protective iPhone case already, buying one can help prevent you from having this issue in the future.

If this first step worked for you, congratulations! Otherwise, it may be time to seek some profession help. While working on your own items can be intensely rewarding, doing so can easily void the warranty. Your warranty protects you from the cost of having to pay out of pocket to replace your iPhone, an expense that can be a serious drain on your finances. So I would seriously recommend finding someone else to accomplish this task for you.

While there are a wide array of businesses and websites that provide smartphone repair services, my personal preference is I have had first hand experience with this website, and when they repaired my iPhone (I should have known better than to leave it in my hoody pocket while I was jogging) they were nothing but professional and prompt. The price that they quoted me was also about half as much as the Apple Iphone representative I talked to. I sent off my phone and around a week and a half later I got it back again with a replaced screen. So far (this took place about a year ago), I have yet to experience any other issues with my iPhone.

If you value your iPhone, taking it to a dedicated smartphone repair service is a wise investment. Electronic components have a reputation for being flimsy and easy to damage, so unless you already have the experience necessary to replace them I would recommend hiring a professional.
If you would like to explore this website and get a quote on what the cost would be to replace your iPhone’s headphone jack, follow the provided link: