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Iphone Ipad Repair Canada

iPhone Home Button Replacement

iPhone home button is the most used button on that phone. It’s the only way to get to the home screen. This makes the button wear off or age quickly. If a person wants to repair the home button themselves, these are the steps they should follow;

Switch off the phone-first thing a person should do before starting any repair on the phone. Then remove the two screws which are located next to the dock connectors. Note that the 5-point screwdriver is only to be used once because it can damage the screws by striping them.

Iphone Home Button Replacement


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Push the rear panel towards the top edge- by pushing this panel, it moves about 2mm.

Lift the rear panel- lift the panel away from the iPhone.

Remove the 2.5mm single screw- this screw is the one that holds the battery connector to the logic board.

Lift the battery connector up- this should be done carefully and a person should try not to lift the connectors against the contact clip. The contact clip should then be removed. All of this should be done using an iPod opening tool.

Remove the battery out of the iPhone- using a plastic pull tab but in case the battery is stuck, you should use the iPod opening tool.

Remove the SIM card- using a paperclip or the SIM card eject tool, you should remove the SIM card and its holder.

Remove screws- there are two screws that should be removed, the 1.2mm and the 1.6mm, then take the thin steel dock connector cable from the iPhone.

Lift the dock cable connector- using an iPod opening tool; lift the connector off the logic board.

Peel the dock ribbon- this cable should be peeled off the logic board and the lower speaker.

Lift the lower antenna connector- the antenna is on the logic board and should be lifted up.

Remove the 1.9mm screw- the screw is the one holding the down part of the logic board to the inner case.

Removal of screws- remove one 2.3mm screw, two 1.6mm, one 1.4mm screw and one 4.8mm screw.

Lift top edge of the connector cover- should be done using an iPod opening tool then using a spudger, you should take off the connector cover away from the inner frame.

Remove rear camera- do this with an iPod opening tool to lift the cameras connector up from the logic board.

Remove the warranty sticker and water indicator- this is usually a small white sticker that cover the screw near the battery. Then remove the screw that was under the sticker.

Disconnect the digitizer cable, volume button cable, LCD cable and front camera cable using an iPod opening tool. Then remove the screw that’s near the headphone jack. Then carefully remove the logic board, take off the screw holding the speaker and then remove the speaker. Then remove two screws holding the vibrator and take the vibrator off the phone.

Remove one screw holding the front panel, then two screws at the volume button side, then the screw near the microphone and the screw at the dock connector ribbon cable. Then remove the screw at the SIM card side and the one near the sleep button.

Then insert the iPod tool between the rubber bezel and lift the upper edge then lift the front panel, rotating it continuously until it pills off. Lift home button with your fingernail then pull the buttons ribbon with tweezers and deroute it to remove the button from the phone. Lastly install the new home button by first removing the plastic film that covers it.