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iPhone Water Damage

Having an iPhone is a great feeling; this latest hi-tech gadget offers a host of splendid features and applications which spike up the lifestyle of the owner. However, there are some potential risks stemming from careless handling of the iPhone; one of them is water damage.

Potential iPhone Water Damage

The iPhone is a sensitive hi-tech gadget that can be quite costly depending on the brand, model and available features. Careful handling of the iPhone is advocated to avoid costly iPhone water damage but one cannot be too careful at times.

Iphone Water Damage Repair

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One of the damaging aspects to the iPhone is when it is dropped into water. If the electronic gadget is not well sealed, droplets of water may get into the internal compartment of the iPhone to cause moisture and electrical short-circuits. This would render the iPhone incapacitated in its functions. Sometimes intermittent problems may arise if water gets into the circuit board of the iPhone.


As a precaution, the wise consumer would quickly send in the iPhone to a reputed and reliable iPhone repair center to have the droplets of water dried up as quickly as possible to avoid short circuits and serious iPhone functionality. A longer delay would bring on more ruins to the iPhone and make repairs more difficult by even the most expert technician.

Consumers should not attempt to repair the water clogged iPhone as they may be labeled as having tampered with the iPhone to render their warranty ineffective.

If you get your iPhone wet, there are quite a few ways of getting it in working order again. The iPhone water damage repair process starts with a number of phases and the cost increases as the additional steps are taken. The cost of recovery builds up according to the number of steps that are taken and the amount of time it takes to recover the phone.

If you value the information in the iPhone more than the repair of the phone itself, that information too can be recovered at an additional cost. Most of the damages done to an iPhone are usually resolved by simply replacing the damaged components.

Data Recovery

If you haven’t backed up your data in the iPhone prior to it getting damaged, the technicians at the iPhone repair center might be able to recovery some or all of the data in your device. This however depends on the extent of damage done to the iPhone.

Methods Used by the iPhone Repair Center

Once given to an iPhone repair center, your iPhone is taken through a number of procedures to troubleshoot the problem. The steps which are taken wholly depend on the amount of damage done to the iPhone. By carefully examining the components of the iPhone, the technicians determine how much repair it would take to fix it.

Some of the steps that are taken during iPhone water damage include:
€ Carrying out components check.
€ Prevent corrosion.
€ Make sure the iPhone is completely dry.
€ Running advance recovery procedures.

Service centers
There may be many iPhone service centers but not all have the professionals who are skilled and experienced in iPhone water damage. Hence, it is necessary to identify a skilled and experienced iPhone technician who is diligent in drying up the iPhone of moisture and restore the full functionality of the gadget.

It may be necessary to replace certain parts if the water has seriously damaged certain components of the iPhone. Professional and authorized iPhone service centers would only use genuine parts to ensure a continuous and smooth functioning of the iPhone. It is important to confirm the authorized iPhone service center with the skilled and experienced technician who can repair an iPhone damaged by water as there is usually a host of important data to be salvaged in the SIM card.