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Iphone Volume Vibrate Button Not Working

What to do if your iPhone Vibrate Function is not Working!

As your iPhone progresses in age the vibrate feature may start to become unreliable and eventually stop working altogether. There are many options that you can try before taking it in for repair. This article will take you through the steps on trying to troubleshoot the broken vibrate feature on your iPhone.

Step 1. Ensure that your iPhone is not on silent mode. You can tell if it is on silent mode by looking for a crescent moon on the top bar where the time is told. If the crescent moon is there go into your settings and slide the button the says do not disturb this should bring you back to having volume and the vibration feature.

Iphone Volume Button Repair

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Step 2. If your vibrate function still does not work then you should try turning the vibrate feature on and off a couple times as sometimes the button becomes jammed and can leave the phones volume on loud. Be gentle when sliding the button back and forth as you do not want to break it or damage the function anymore if is truly broken.

Step 3. If your iPhone volume to vibrate button is still not working you can try powering down the iPhone and turning it back on as sometimes it just needs to reset itself. This can be done by holding down the top button. After a few seconds a slide to power off sign will appear. Simply slide the button to power it off. To turn the iPhone back on you simply hold the top button until the apple logo pops up. Turning on can range from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your iPhone.

Step 4. If step 3 did not work you may want to try and plug it into your computer and restore it from a backup.

Step 5. If step 4 did not work you should back your iPhone up onto the computer and take it in to a repair shop. A benefit of taking it into a repair shop is that they have dealt with the issue many times and know all the reasons the vibrate function on your iPhone may not be working. Another added benefit of using a repair service is that the people will have all the right tools to open up the iPhone if it is necessary to. The repair shop will also be trained in properly servicing your iPhone. Also many iPhone repair shops are apple approved and will not void the warranty on your phone. Along with being affordable they will be able to teach what preventative measures should be taken to ensure this problem does not happen again. Repair shops will also show you how to fix it yourself if the problem were to occur again. Also if they are not able to fix it most shops will not charge you for the time and can always give you alternatives for your iPhone if the vibrate function still does not work. Best of luck getting your iPhone vibrate and volume feature fixed if it is broken.